Paranormal Investigators

Paranormal Investigators tells the story of two colleagues that quit their day jobs to investigate metaphysical events happening in the Seattle Area.

DCT Projects and Ardor Creative Media Partner Up to Produce Local Film “Paranormal Investigators”


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Meet Our Lead Crew

Executive Producer, Writer, Director

David Fowler is the Founder of DCT Projects. DCT Projects has made 7 films including the successful film Big Trouble in Seattle and Lean on Me. Both these films have been in several film festivals. Big Trouble in Seattle has won numerous awards including best Action and Drama.

Executive Producer and Production Manager

Amanda Drewniak formally a member of the Miami Film Scene worked for the Post Production House New Art Miami on various productions such as House of Bodies (Sound), Dexter (Unit B), Burn Notice, and several music videos. She was also the Executive Producer of two video games; Super Kid Cannon and Brickelz for the Florida based SkyJoy. Currently she is the founder and Exec. Director of Ardor Creative Media. She partners with the Seattle Filmmakers’ Collective, The Shoreline Short -Short Film Festival, Seattle ReCreative, and STIFF (Seattle True Independent Film Festival). She is a member of the PNA (Phinney Neighborhood association) and has been commissioned to create public art for the city of Shoreline (the Octopus banners on Highway 99) and the city of Lynnwood (Easter Egg for the EGGSplore egg hunt). She participates in art events along the sound and encourages upcycling, recycling, and avoiding plastics as much as possible. She was recently featured on Festival article here:

VFX Producer and Post Production Manager

Bob Freeman, or as some know him, Bad Alien Bob is a Director, Editor and Technologist. He owns a small film and recording studio about 30 minutes north of Seattle and is the founder the Seattle Filmmakers’ Collective. The SFC is dedicated to building community and craft with Seattle area independent filmmakers.

Cast Info Coming Soon!