A Very Pitchin’ Brunch

What is “A Very Pitchin’ Brunch”?
“A Very Pitchin’ Brunch” is a networking event that invites local filmmakers to come together over light brunch fare, to listen to other local filmmakers pitch film proposals.

Who is Invited?

We invite local filmmakers, screenwriters, actors, crew members, composers, and those interested in monetary film investment to participate (investment is not guaranteed).

How can I pitch my story?

Ardor Creative Media will select up to 6 pitches no longer than 5 minutes in length to participate.

How can I listen to Pitches?

Catching is open to anyone interested in working on or investing in a film. We encourage catchers to bring business cards, brochures, or other materials.

Price for catchers:

Pre-sale: $8

Day of/ Door: $10

*We are limiting our space to 40 Catchers.